ADAM ARRUDA | website

Born in Toronto, Adam began playing the drums at the age of 3, and began studying music via the ORFF method at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto at 5 years of age. By his teenage years he was already actively working on the local scene, and began leading his own combo at Humber. Adam received the prestigious Zildjian Outstanding Young Drummer and Combo Drummer Award from 2001-2008 at Music Fest Canada, as well as other honorary awards, and played in the Yamaha All Star Band from freshman year until senior year while he attended Claude Watson School for the Arts. He also attended the Brubeck Summer Jazz Colony in 2006 and 2007, the Vail Jazz Workshop, the School for Improvised Music, the Creative Music Workshop and other workshops in the U.S.A and Canada. In 2007 Adam was chosen to study at the University of the Pacific for one year as a Brubeck Institute Fellow. He has performed at some of the biggest stages and festivals in the jazz world, including the 2007 Grammy Awards, 2004 North Sea Jazz Festival, Detroit Jazz Festival, Monterey Next Generation Jazz Festival, Brubeck Jazz Festival, The Kennedy Center, Blues Alley, Wally’s Jazz Club, The Green Mill, Smalls Jazz Club, Minton’s Playhouse, Fat Cat, Yoshi’s, Jimmy Mak’s and many more. Aside from performing, Adam also teaches private lessons and ensemble playing to all ages.