Tor Clausen, Creating for our Cause.

With a degree in Natural Sciences from the Evergreen State College, Tor Clausen worked as a Graphic Designer right out of school. Constantly designing, he created a line of musical furniture, then began expanding into larger experiential projects.

“This musical bench is quite possibly the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen! The music that it plays sounds amazing and it is such a huge hit with children, they love it!! The bench was made with a lovely dark cedar and does not cease to live up to any expectations you might have!! This bench comes VERY much recommended!!!” –Abby, a happy customer

Vail Jazz struck a chord in Tor’s heart with our dedication to Music education in public schools. He is honored to help with our mission. Purchase a musical bench through Vail Jazz for $2,000, and Tor will make a donation of $500 to the Vail Jazz Foundation. Contact to place your order or if you have questions!