Jazz Interludes

Connecting you directly to the music and musicians.

Jazz Interludes is an online video series featuring exclusive content, live performances, and a behind the scenes peek into the lives of professional jazz musicians with cheeky interviews.

Ken Peplowski & Rossano Sportiello

Thursday Evenings | February 25th – May 15th

Presented by: Rosemary Maher and Mendel Melzer

Ken Peplowski (clarinet and saxophone) and Rossano Sportiello (piano) are two virtuosi that never fail to connect the listener to their music, which is deeply rooted in lyricism, but never fails to swing.

Benny Benack & Friends

 Benny Benack III | Isaiah Thompson | Phil Norris

Thursday Evenings | February 25th – May 15th

Presented By: Carolyn and Steve Pope

Trumpeter and vocalist Benny Benack III (his grandfather and father were both jazz musicians) is the charismatic leader of this next generation band composed of Vail Jazz Workshop alumni.  Joining Benny (’08) on piano is Isaiah Thompson (‘14) on piano, Phil Norris (‘16) on bass and guest Kellin Hanas (’20) on trumpet.  Their performances are filled with energy, excitement and youthful exuberance.  Enjoy!

Piano Solos & Duos

Sullivan Fortner  | John Chin | Ehud Asherie | Alex Brown | Manuel Valera

Thursday Evenings | February 25th – May 15th

Presented By: Charles Lipcon

Five of the most inventive and expressive young jazz pianists take turns, two at a time, creating magical improvised pianistic conversations, performing on two magnificent Yamaha Concert Grand Pianos, with each having the opportunity for a solo performance of a tune of his choice.

Winter Series

Ann | Akiko – Hamilton – Dechter | Tony

Fall Series

Diego | Byron & Bobby | Cyrille

Summer Series

Adrian | Emmet & Russell | Veronica