Vail Jazz is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Vail, Colorado. Through six unique performance series and three signature educational programs, Vail Jazz perpetuates jazz with a focus on young musicians and young audiences.


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Sunday Jazz Kicks off the Festival Season

Vail Jazz kicks off its solid summer of free live music programs this Sunday For live music lovers, Sunday is about to become the best day of the week. Beginning this Sunday (June 26), the extravaganza of free jazz kicks off for the summer. If you’ve strolled through the sea of stimulation that is the Vail Farmer’s […]


The bass groove

Once sound amplification started to take hold in jazz, the acoustic (upright) bass started losing ground to the other instruments in the band. While most instruments could be effectively amplified, not so with the bass. When amplified the bass produced sound that was distorted with undesirable “feedback” and produced “muddy” sounds without distinctive pitch. So […]


Vail SummerFest launches this Friday

This Friday, Vail SummerFest launches Vail’s incredible summer season of music, diverse events and activities! This free celebration of summer features Grammy Award winner Marcus Miller, and an afternoon packed with interactive activities for the whole family.  Favorite Vail Valley event providers will sell tickets and host raffles for GIVEAWAYS to a variety of exciting cultural events […]